Corporate Culture
Adhering to the philosophy of “creating value with customers, growing together with employees, building harmony with the society, and sharing fruits with shareholders”, we are striving to become a resource-saving and environment-friendly modern enterprise.
Corporate Spirit
Unity, Self-improvement, Innovation, Learning
Our Aim
To become a high-tech logistics and global supply chain management supplier and trade service provider and provide our customers with the most considerate and meticulous service experience

The history of Fohang traces back to the early years of the PRC. After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the country achieved independence and social stability, and China’s shipping industry entered a new period of rapid development. In 1953, Foshan United Shipping Industry Company was established. In the early stage of the company, the logistics industry flourished all over the country, and the advantages of the Pearl River Delta in sea and land were prominent. It became a strategic direction for the development of the enterprise to serve logistics localization, which successively established and upgraded: Foshan Shipping Management Station during 1954 - 1956, Guangdong Provincial Shipping Department’s Guangzhou Port Bureau, Foshan Port Administration’s Foshan Exclusive Shipping Administration Bureau during 1956 - 1961, Guangdong Shipping Department’s Foshan Office during 1961 - 1965, Foshan Water Transport Company during 1969 - 1972, and Guangdong Foshan Port and Shipping Administration during 1972 - 1976.

In 1978, under the favorable environment of reform and development, the logistics industry was gradually standardized and growing in scale; supported by information technology, it developed into a comprehensive industry integrating systematization, information technology and modernized warehousing. We have successively established and upgraded: Guangdong Foshan Shipping Bureau during 1976 - 1985, Guangdong Foshan Shipping Company during 1985 - 2001, Foshan Shipping Co., Ltd. during 2001 - 2009. Later, the logistics industry’s supply chain extended up and down to promote its vertical and horizontal integrated development. During 2009-2016 after Foshan Fohang Logistics Group Co., Ltd. was established, Fohang accelerated the integration of upstream and downstream resources and the deployment of intelligent and information-based logistics.

From the conception of internationalization in early 2017 to the implementation of globalization strategy today, we have increased our investment in global supply chain management, high-tech logistics services and logistics technology and intelligent manufacturing. Following the national “Belt and Road” policy, we will accelerate our globalization. In the past 70 years, we have experienced the hardships of starting up our business, the baptism of market economy, the pain of reform, carried on the state-owned enterprise culture, and upheld our corporate values of “creating values with customers, growing with employees, and building harmony with society”. Adhering to the spirit of unity, self-improvement, learning, and innovation, we have crossed obstacles and made achievements one after another, leaving deep and indelible footprints all the way. In 2024, we will forge ahead with courage and determination. We will never stop our steps.


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  • The letter “F” takes a symmetrical design of flight, associated with air transport; it also resembles the front of a cargo ship, associated with shipping.

  • The letter “H” at the middle holds up a rising sun; it also resembles two like two wide roads, associated with land transport.

  • As a whole, the design takes a hugging shape, implying to embrace the future.

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