Business classification
Foshan Fohang Wonstar International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd.
With more than 20 years of experience in international logistics, the company has set up several branches and offices. The company has established good cooperative relations with a number of world-class liner companies and a number of large ports in the Pearl River Delta, with more than 300 stable suppliers, forming an ecosystem platform that can provide customers with a complete set of logistics solutions such as sea, land and air transport, as well as end-to-end one-stop supply chain services.
The main shipping ports include: Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Foshan, Yunfu, Zhaoqing, Xiamen, Fuzhou, Shanghai, Tianjin, Ningbo, and Guangxi. It has accumulated many customer groups in various major industries in the Pearl River Delta, mainly serving industries such as building materials, home furnishing, stainless steel, hardware accessories, home appliances, machinery, etc. Our reputation has been recognized by customers in various industries.
Scope of Business
Southeast Asia / Japan, South Korea and Taiwan route
This route is our selective route. At present, our service scope fully covers all ports in Southeast Asia / Korea / Taiwan / Japan. So far, we have established long-term and profound business relationships with many world-famous liners, such as HEUNG-A, SINOKOR, OOCL, EVERGREEN, CMA-CNC, WHL, IAL, SEALAND, RCL, KMTC, SITC,etc.
Middle East and India-Pakistan route
This route is our characteristic route, which is a new route developed by us with great efforts in recent years, with a monthly handling capacity of 1500 containers. Currently, we have maintained good cooperation with the mainstream liners in the market, such as OOCL, ESCL, WHL, KTC, CSL, BENLINE, RCL, IAL,etc. We can provide our customers with all-round services for import and export with major ports and inland points of India, main ports of Pakistan and the Middle East according to their different demands.
America, Canada and Europe route
After years of accumulation, we have developed a certain scale of direct customers for this route. This route has also witnessed that our business territory has reached more far-reaching routes beyond Asian routes. Currently, our partner liners mainly include OOCL, CMA, MSC, EMC, ONE, COSCO,etc.
Self-operated Pearl River Delta-Hong Kong route
Transported with our own barge and SOC containers, the route has been operating for 20 years.
Service Advantages
End-to-end service
With a global service network, we provide end-to-end logistics services, especially between China and Singapore or Vietnam, with our own warehouses, trucks and customs brokers throughout the process.
Professional team
With low shipping quotations, and fast response to customer’s problems, we provide professional international logistics consulting services.
Transport tracking
Our system links with the website of each major shipping house to ensure that the whole logistics and transportation process is visual, timely, safe and reliable.
Tailored logistics solutions
Based on personalized customer needs, provide customized comprehensive logistics solutions to help customers save costs and improve efficiency.
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