Founded in 2012, the company has been focusing on the R&D and application exploration of logistics information, automation, and intelligence, equipped with two main product lines, “Logistics Technology” and “Intelligent Manufacturing”, and devoted to the development of logistics information system and manufacturing of intelligent logistics equipment.

As a high-tech enterprise, it has obtained 20+ patents and 100+ software copyrights; serving customers in industries such as ports, shipping, storage, storage yards, petrochemical, freight forwarding, customs declaration, bonded warehousing, and trade.

Business Classification
Manufacturing of Intelligent Products
Automatic Seal Dispensers


  1. Automatic dispensing of seals can greatly reduce labor cost; seal numbers can be identified, recorded and uploaded automatically to avoid data errors; automatic data interaction can improve the efficiency.

  2. With technologies such as AI, OCR, and IoT, it achieves a shift from manual management mode to an automatic mode and enhances the industrial intelligence level of the seals.

  3. Automatic Seal Dispenser + intelligent gate solutions adopt automatic identification technology, which reduces manual input, eases traffic congestion at the gate, and improves data accuracy and traffic efficiency.

Product Types

Different models are applicable to the seal dispensing scenarios of different industries.

1、 Automatic Container Seal Dispenser

      Applied in ports, Container termina, Container yard.


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2、 Automatic Linear Seal Dispenser

      Applied in industries such as petrochemical storage, cement, and express delivery.


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Logistics Technology
Terminal Operating System(TOS)
  1. Terminal Operating System designed for ports on the basis of 20 years of port information application;

  2. Design: based on the PDMSA model, namely Plan, Do, Monitor, Show, Analyze;

  3. Technology: supported by safe, advanced, mature, robust, highly concurrent, highly reliable, scalable, cross-platform multi-layer architecture integrated with multiple efficient algorithms;

  4. Implementation: it can be applied flexibly according to the actual business process, application scenarios and required functions. Users can configure it independently, while in traditional modes the system is built relying on software providers;

  5. Operation: user-friendly, nice and fast.

Ship digital management platform
  1. The ship digital management platform helps shipowners and ship management companies to quickly build a convenient, efficient and economical business management system.

  2. It provides one-stop, information-based, intelligent and mobile ship management methods for shipowners and ship management companies, and help shipping enterprises to upgrade their management and improve their management and work efficiency.

International freight forwarding and barge system
  1. International freight forwarding and barge system is a business processing system covering international freight forwarding and barge. The system has strong applicability, solves manual operation problems, manages the business comprehensively and systematically to improve the operation efficiency and benefits.

  2. Real-time tracking of business status can strengthen cost management with multiple reviews, which can reduce the error rate and save labor costs.

Vehicle Intelligent Dispatching Management Platform (VIDS)
  1. It’s a comprehensive information platform suitable for container transportation and fleet management at ports;

  2. Mobile vehicle intelligent scheduling system (WeChat applet) can achieve a new form of network collaboration featuring full connection of different roles, real-time interaction and information security;

  3. The VIDS system achieves an intelligent management of freight tasks and transport capacity, improves the turnover efficiency, reduces the overall logistics cost, and enhances the profitability of the ports and transportation fleets.

Warehouse management system
  1. Integrated business management system especially designed for warehouse management enterprises;

  2. The system comprises nine functional modules: order management, warehousing business management, warehousing handheld terminal, financial accounting management, customer contract management, customer and supplier data management, commodity ledger management, system setting and basic data, and administrative management;

  3. Key business approval processes and key business reminders can be set flexibly in the system, to conduct real-time control of corresponding process management, avoid business risks and achieve an integrated management of finance and business;

  4. The manager can pay close attention to the operating status of the enterprise in real time. The integrated management of the business modules can reduce the repeated input of business information, reduce document input errors, and improve the overall operation efficiency.

Crane Tracking System
  1. Mainly applied in all kinds of production management systems of manufacturing enterprises in such aspects as extensive connection, data collection, and intelligent control;

  2. It can achieve the integration and connection of various data such as people, machines, materials, methods and links, so that the data of manufacturing enterprises can flow and be shared in all processes, fields and times;

  3. It can improve the digital lean production capacity and intelligent manufacturing level of enterprises, and promote their digital and intelligent transformation.

Customs Clearance System
  1. A maritime import and export customs clearance service platform for import and export enterprises, freight forwarding companies and customs brokers;

  2. Users can handle simple and efficient business such as customs declaration and inspection with the platform, or entrust a customs broker online to complete the declaration service at a lower cost;

  3. The service platform supports online operation and intelligent input, where the contents and requirements are consistent with the window of the customs, which can review while placing the order and thus minimize the error rate.

Intelligent management solutions for small and medium-sized container ports
  1. Based on many years of industrial experience and advanced technical services, we’ve developed intelligent management solutions for small and medium-sized container ports.

  2. By applying technologies such as the Internet of Things, mobile Internet, OCR identification, PLC control, GPS positioning, and cloud computing, our solutions can achieve an intelligent management of container port operations such as ship handling, storage yard operations, gate operation and container truck operation through resource restructuring and process optimization.

  3. It can achieve automatic optimization of job plans, generate job instructions automatically, push job information automatically, and give feedback automatically.

  4. It has been proved by years of port practice that this solution is suitable for all kinds of small and medium-sized container ports in domestic and foreign trade, and is the best choice for ports to improve their operation efficiency, improve their market competitiveness, and build a green and intelligent port.

Intelligent management of ship handling plans
Intelligent management of storage yards
Intelligent Gate and Automatic Seal Dispenser
Intelligent management of container truck scheduling
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