Customized Services
As a high-tech logistics and global supply chain management supplier and trade service provider, we provide high cost-effective services, quickly respond to personalized needs of our customers, providing professional international logistics consulting services and integrated logistics solutions, and developing one-stop supply chain services. With our advanced information system, rigorous operation system and continuously perfected service network, we are dedicated to providing our customers with safe, fast, professional and accurate customized logistics services, to help customers save costs and improve their efficiency. With our tailored logistics solutions, we will provide you with the most considerate and meticulous service experience.
Scope of Customized Services
Scope of Services Nationwide:
Demands are mainly from cities such as Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Foshan, Yunfu, Zhaoqing, Hong Kong, Xiamen, Fuzhou, Shanghai, Tianjin, Ningbo, and Guangxi.
Scope of Services Worldwide:
Major countries and key cities in the world, including Europe and the United States, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, India, Pakistan, Thailand, and the Philippines.
Fields of Customized Services
Chemical Engineering:
From the chemical raw materials to the finished chemical products, we have developed a whole supply chain of logistics service according to customer demands. For logistics management of chemical enterprises, we also have the corresponding logistics technology equipment and management system, and provide our industrial customers with intelligent, efficient and fast services and equipment.
Steel and Metals:
During our contact and service for steel and metal clients for decades, we are clear about the key in each service node and have normalized our drilling. For example, the drill of special coil steel tray loading ensures safety in every step. Only by doing well in services can we finish logistics tasks efficiently and ensure that service is provided smoothly.
Building Materials:
The industry of building materials has its unique attributes. Its diversity requires a great input of manpower and material resources. We have not only developed a complete set of services for logistics and transportation, but also have corresponding equipment and management software for controllable links such as warehouse management and customs declaration, to help our customers reduce mistakes, save costs and improve their efficiency.
Home Furnishing and Appliances:
Home appliances cannot laid down or put flat on the floor, so it is necessary to strengthen supervision and control in each link of logistics. We have formed specific memorandum for the transport of products such as TV sets, fridges and washing machines, digested the problems, difficulties and points that can be ignored easily and explained the knowledge points for new customers, so that the high-quality products can bring a high-quality life to the customers after they are shipped and delivered with high-quality logistics.
Among lighting products, crystal chandeliers, bulbs, candle lamps and glass lampshades are relatively fragile, which require better supervision and control in transportation. Whether in barge transport or international sea, land and air transport routes, or end-to-end locations, the whole process of logistics shall be tracked. We achieve a complete supply chain of logistics services to guarantee and meet the specific needs of our customers.
Other Fields:
In industries such as auto parts, FMCG, textile and clothing, machinery and equipment, instruments, agricultural products, we will customize logistics services, intelligent products, and management systems according to the attributes of various industries and the needs of customers.
Customized service content
Flow of Customization
Demand survey
learn about customer needs and quickly analyze and evaluate them.
Solution design
analyze operation plans and conduct cost accounting.
confirm cooperation and sign a cooperation contract with customers.
establish an exclusive project team and implement the project.
whole-process monitoring and operation quality monitoring.
Why Choose FOHANG
Self-owned warehouses. Fast order placement. Transport vehicles are always on call.
Various solutions, with standardized pricing and transparent quotations.
Check in all links of cargo transportation. Customer service experts are on call.
Strong and professional transportation and logistics. Safe and fast. All-round services.


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